The Forum Meeting Point

a place where you can get in touch with other fans, exchange e-mails, make an appointment in the chat-room, make an appointment in real life...

The Forum Meeting Point

Postby Renate on Wed Feb 21, 2007 5:15 pm

This forum Meeting Point is a good occasion to get to know each other and make friends so that you can exchange private e-mails or make appointments for online chats or even in real life. If you don't want to publish your e-mail address here I can forward it to those persons you want to contact.

We also offer the chat room for meetings among a certain number of fans. You can make an appointment here at the Meeting Point forum.

The "private message" option gives you the possibility to exchange messages which cannot be read by anyone else. Please use it when you realise you are in dialogue with another forum member and getting a little "off-topic". These messages are litterally private, they cannot be read by any others, not even by the administrators. So we cannot help or interfere if there are problems. The only way-out would be disactiving the option "private message" again, which of course we hope won't be neccassary.

Please understand that the subject of a forum provided by Andrea Bocelli's official site should mainly be the subject which might interest ALL the other members and visitors of Andrea Bocelli's official forum: Mr Andrea Bocelli and his work. This is why we set the rule
"please before you post ask yourself if your message is somehow Andrea Bocelli related and if it is of common interest for the other fans".

Therefore we have to limit private conversations and ask to use chat lists as offered by ICQ, MSN and many others on the web for this purpose.

For talented writers it should be considerable to open an own website or blog where they can post their own writings which are not Bocelli related.

However we have the forum Poetry here which offers a small room for own poetry. But please be aware, that poems posted there like any message here, won%u2019t stay %u201Cforever%u201D, as for technical reasons older posts have to be deleted once in a while.
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